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When you have little or no contact with the outside world for days and months at a time, you can start to feel isolated and alone. Feelin’ Fit
Sharon Stewart • Norfolk, VA. I’m always open to new ideas, and the only way to get them is to talk to people. I love it and find it a great business tool. This is a great place to find people who have already figured out the answers to the questions that you might be facing. Well, honestly saying Idea Cafe gave me an Idea for my business, so whatever advice I need I am not asking around anymore. I use Idea Cafe to generate break out of the box thinking and getting fresh new ideas on marketing, general small business concerns for my own business and those I build websites for. Byblos Niagara Resort and Spa Grand Island NY. Zillow has 150 homes for sale in Grand Island NY. 09% of the population. I got information that helped me understand what I needed to know about applying for a grant to help me get started (but I didn’t have to go that route). If it’s not of help to someone, I’m not doing it. When I first got the idea to start a business I researched the net and found Idea Cafe. I get it all in one place. I look for tips from other biz owners, things I may not have thought of. I believe Idea Cafe is a great networking tool to learn what is going on with other people. Virtual Assistant Source
Sasha Rodriguez • Knob Noster, MO. With all the advice and help here, no one can fail unless they don’t try. It’s always a great benefit to hear how other people perceive issues. I wanted something more catchy that would describe what I do

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Grand Island Ny

The information here on essential stuff like taxes is invaluable and helps demystify this for non-accountant types (me. I find new things all the time that help and encourage me. When you work from home and you’re the only employee, it’s nice to have places to go to take a break from a hectic day and interact, vent, get new ideas, share ideas and possibly even make some client contacts. ” I’ve visited Idea Cafe for over 6 years, and it’s still one of my favorites for business. Idea Cafe is their source for new ideas and new business. Who knows what I’ll find that is useful here, maybe even today. I love to get on and browse to see that what I am going through is NOT unique. I’m always inspired by others’ stories about how they started their businesses. 25% Native American, 1. African Inspirations
Sandi Bradley • Johannesburg, GA Looking through the Idea Cafe site gave me confidence to go ahead full force with my business. Idea Cafe is an opportunity for a large variety of one-on-one interactions. Even if it is not me. I am always shocked to find all the wonderful tools, articles, advice and wisdom that is all scootched up in here somehow. I’m working on learning the ropes for the grants offered, and I love contests and winners. The constant theme to have enough money to keep afloat made me a wise new business owner. The business resources that are offered at the site are superb. I love seeing the stories, the energy and the photos. I have used the Business Form section quite a bit. Business owners are the people who give wings to ideas and making things better for everyone. I really enjoy reading others stories about their businesses. We are not alone. Small Business Coaching Group
Gary Clark • Colorado Springs, CO I’m new to Idea Cafe, but all the colors are really neat and I plan to be back OFTEN. That’s how I am. I have also used the site to find answers to many questions I have had about starting a business, like where to begin. It’s important for those of us that work solo to have somewhere that we can go to have our experiences echoed or validated by our peers

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Grand Island Ny
But most of all, I come back as it feels like home sometimes– just a place to go when I feel like free surfing the web. So Cal Espresso
Lance & Ratana Berg • Vista, CA I just found IdeaCafe. I have also referred Idea Cafe to several of my friends who are still hestitating about digging in and starting their own businesses. Eat chicken wings at the place where it began – the Anchor Bar. It helps me with ideas on how to run my biz. Monday thru Friday 8:30 a. The more I see, the more I like. I got several great ones. The Wright Firm
Shahara Wright • Houston, TE Idea Cafe is the best small biz site on the web. They were a big help in preparing my own plan, which helped my business get started. I remember hearing about Idea Cafe years ago when I was in the corporate world. I like to read the question and answers. A Virtual Office
Karen Musselman • Mohrsville, PA Over the years I’ve used Idea Cafe to network, apply for grants, help clarify my thinking around my professional life, get inspired by other people’s stories. WildFire Promotions
Gail Gerrie • East Jordan, MI. So I am always looking for new ideas to recommend. The “running your biz” section gave a lot of valuable insight (very easy reading) in areas I didn’t pay a lot of attention to before. Whenever I have a problem or a question about my business, I go straight to the Business Guide and search for my answer.   “That about a year after high school, after I went to Grand Rapids Community College for a year and  worked loading and unloading furniture from trucks at Steelcase,  I caught a tip dunk at the park and I had it. The information here on essential stuff like taxes is invaluable and helps demystify this for non-accountant types (me. 🙂
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