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The street numbers on the porch’s wood post cannot be seen from the street because of the shrubs but the “2” on the top has turned upside down and covers the number underneath it. The Cassidy Hotel, is another well known place for hauntings. Com has local, breaking, weather, traffic, crime, sports and national news stories, articles and columns. It should be noted that in some cultures, the Yew tree is associated with the dead. This is one of those sites I’ve been really drawn to, but I hadn’t been able to find out much more. As for the little Satanic Church in Jingle pot. Prince Edward Island,PEI,Business,primary industries,Employment,Economy,Statistics,Immigration. I wanted to know a bit more about the history of our new home and its town, and happened to pick up a book on Sproat Lake “Sproat Lake Reflections” and read about how east coast tribes would raid the Hupacasath band at their fishing and hunting sites. Caddy (Cadborosaurus) has been seen all around the island by hundreds of people (Campbell River calls it Klamahtossaurus). There’s a little Chinese food restaurant and te abandoned building is a bit down that road and on the other side of the street. Many have stated the same reluctance to make reports in cases of hauntings or seeing unidentified creatures, as well – for fear of not being believed. Fishing along Vancouver Island was – and continues to be – a dangerous trade, with the waters claiming many ships and boats even today. The smell of pipe smoke, strange feelings, etc. This thing in the sky was perfectly round and looked similar to one of those but the bright white would pulsate and electricity like lightening would rip out of it and not even kiddingI could see the bottom of the lake every time it pulsated. These are just a few in this area. Would love to see some pictures. On when referring to the island as a geologic or geographic feature: the roads on
Hokkaido; the seed vault on Svalbard; in when referring to a . That also cared me, because I not only have to worry about her following or going with strangers but also spirits. I heard stories after that that witchcraft is practiced there at times as well. The building really has a personality

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In Island

Why did my cousin see a girl. Several people were inside the room when a glass flew off of the bar. As for the little Satanic Church in Jingle pot. Also working the am shift opening up the hotel, tourism, gift shop, dining room, pub you could hear chairs moving around when they were clearly left place up on the table from the cleaning staff. We hadn’t known anyone or had even been to Port before we moved here. After moving to Qualicum Beach in 2003, I worked at the Qualicum Heritage Inn. It was always a big area, so something was defiantly built there a really long time ago. I’ve been digging around, but haven’t come across much as of yet. The list is source based, meaning that sites are added if they’ve received enough oral, media, or online recognition. That is nowhere where they’ve been seen for a very long time. It was called Jingle Pot mile when I was growing up. I love the old house on the highway with the wooden fence. I haven’t spoken to the friend I was with since then other than in passing and saying hi. Hastings House Hotel, Saltspring Island  The original builder buried a clay pot beneath the hearth to repel witches. Also someone mentioned Port Alice. Last year was the first year they offered a historical based tour which included some downtown locations reported to be haunted.  There are multiple ghost reports listed above at this location, as well. 5-foot monkey was seen by several people near Cameron Lake. He smoothed the bedding and left. As the night drew on they offered to walk me home. She said it was shook really hard. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s experiences and your research as well. Would see a black and white dog from time to time, as well. The mill really is old, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a story or two there as well. Hello Shannon, Quite the overall strange

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Thanks Shanon,
I picked up the book at one of our local corner store/ liquor stores, but I’m sure you can find it at any book shop around here, or at a library. Thanks for sharing Catie. Official Hilton Head Island-Bluffton vacation planning guide. Despite it being a small area, it took me hours because my movement was so limited. It’s the first I’ve been told of a haunting in Port Alice. Here the best, the brightest, and most passionate automotive and aeronautic dreams of yesterday, today, and tomorrow come true right before your eyes. In the book British Columbia Ghost Town Series: Vancouver Island, T. She will be presenting updates on issues and concerns affecting the island, as well as future plans for the island. The church was indeed small as in living room small and the man scared the crap out of me to be honest as I was about 20 at the time. If you plan on using any of the following material in your own work (including news stories or academic papers) please give proper credit to the authors and researchers listed below. The mill really is old, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a story or two there as well. That does sound scary. She said that they all had hoods on and she couldn’t see any of their faces, she also said that the trees in the front yard had random things hanging off them and these people were walking around the trees, chanting things she didn’t understand. I have not heard any tales of Ms Suzie moving on up. Stayed freezing cold all night even with the heat cranked. Reminds me of what happened to my GF. Do you know anything about exorcisms. The site of a massacre. Was your experience during the day. Get an Art in Island storm
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